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To be effective, healthy work environments Healthy Work Environments (HWE) require buy-in from all levels of an organization. Ideas and initiatives on how to improve workplace wellness and safety can come from a variety of sources and it’s important to adopt a collaborative approach to implementing change in an organization. HWE Leaders build mechanisms and processes for workplace safety and promote the benefits of this movement to other leaders in the health care system.

Around the world, healthcare organizations are adopting the principle of Healthy Work Environments as an institutional mantra and implementing this philosophy as essential and nonnegotiable by establishing organizational systems and structures required for successful education, implementation and evaluation. In Healthy Work Environments, these core values are embraced at every level of the organization, but it doesn’t end there. Our goal is to raise awareness, promote dialogue and encourage more leaders to take on HWE initiatives in their own organizations.

Ontario’s Healthy Work Environments (HWE) Champions

In April 2009, the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care appointed two HWE “Champions”, Rob Devitt, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Toronto East General Hospital and Dr. Heather Laschinger, Distinguished University Professor and Associate Director Nursing Research at The University of Western Ontario, School of Nursing, Faculty of Health Sciences.

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The Quality Worklife - Quality Healthcare Collaborative (QWQHC)

The QWQHC is a coalition of twelve national healthcare organizations working together to create healthier workplaces and to ultimately improve patient and client and system outcomes. The QWQHC Secretariat, housed at Accreditation Canada, is supported by funding from Health Canada and financial and in-kind contributions from the QWQHC National Partners. In 2007, the QWQHC a pan-Canadian action strategy entitled Within Our Grasp: A Healthy Workplace Action Strategy for Success and Sustainability in Canada's Healthcare System.

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