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Top 10 Risky Home Health Tasks*

Home health care workers have high rates of back injuries and other musculoskeletal problems. The main work factors associated with these injuries are forceful exertions and awkward postures during patient- care tasks, especially while lifting and moving patients.

  1. Boosting patient in bed
  2. Putting on compression hose
  3. Chair to chair transfer
  4. Giving tub bath
  5. Repositioning patient in the chair
  6. Toileting
  7. Chair to bed transfer
  8. Bath in bed
  9. Passive exercise in bed
  10. Repositioning patient in bed 


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Source: * Galinsky, T., Waters, T., Malit, B. (2001). Overexertion injuries in home healthcare workers and the need for ergonomics. Home Health Care Services Quarterly, vol 20(3), 57-73.



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