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Top 10 Sources of Slip/Trip/Falls Injuries for Healthcare Workers

NIOSH has just released a workbook on slip, trip, and fall (STF) prevention specific to healthcare. Preventing STF injuries is important to healthcare organizations as they “frequently result in serious disabling injuries that impact a healthcare employee’s ability to do his or her job, often resulting in lost workdays, reduced productivity, expensive worker compensation claims, and diminished ability to care for patients,” according to Slip, Trip, and Fall Prevention for Healthcare Workers.

Here are the top 10 sources of STF injuries in healthcare facilities, according to the publication:

  1. Contaminants on the floor
  2. Poor drainage: Pipes and drains
  3. Indoor walking surface irregularities
  4. Outdoor walking surface irregularities
  5. Weather conditions: ice and snow
  6. Inadequate lighting
  7. Stairs and handrails
  8. Stepstools and ladders
  9. Tripping hazards: clutter, loose cords, hoses, wires, and medical tubing
  10. Improper use of floor mats and runners


How We Can Help

Public Services Health & Safety Association (PSHSA) has a rich history in the healthcare sector. Located across the province, our highly skilled staff comes from a range of disciplines, providing ready access and timely response to all of our clients. We offer regional and on-site prevention training, risk assessment and safety consulting services, as well as offer a wide range of training and information products.Visit our
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