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Call for Submissions for the 2014 Quality and Innovation Awards


Since 2009, OLTCA has given awards to top performers in quality and innovation within long term care. It’s an opportunity to demonstrate the exemplary work you are doing and inspire others to do the same.

Submissions for 2014 are due by May 2.  Entries will be judged by an independent review panel and the awards will be presented at OLTCA’s Quality and Innovation Forum on June 5.

Awards will be handed out at a special recognition gala event. Award recipients will receive complementary registration to the OLTCA Quality and Innovation Forum and a cash award as follows:

$1,000 – QI Team of the Year
$1,000 – Quality Workplace of the Year
$1,000 – QI Innovation of the Year
$2,000 – Culture Change Home of the Year
$2,000 – QI Home of the Year

The awards program has been generously sponsored by Medical Pharmacies.

Summary of award categories

1. QI Team of the Year – Awarded to one or more teams affiliated with an OLTCA member home that achieves significant improvements in quality as measured by the Health Quality Ontario or evidence-based, qualitative or quantitative indicators from other independent sources.

2. QI Innovation of the Year – Awarded to one or more creative, unique or new idea or initiative developed, launched or implemented by an OLTCA member home or affiliate member that results in significant improvements.

3. Best New LTC Product or Service of the Year – Awarded to a new or significantly improved product or service developed or launched by an OLTCA commercial member and judged by OLTCA active members as most likely to have a positive impact on long term care if more widely adopted.

4. OLTCA Workplace of the Year – Awarded to one or more OLTCA members (active, commercial or affiliate) that excels in physical, environmental and occupational health and safety, promotion of health and wellness among staff and volunteers and development of a culture of learning and quality improvement.

5. OLTCA Culture Change Home of the Year – Awarded to one or more OLTCA member homes, nominated and selected by current residents, for their efforts and success in creating a home-like environment, enhancing quality of life and honouring resident voice and choice.

6. OLTCA/Excellence Canada Long Term Care Home of the Year – Awarded to one or more OLTCA member homes that provides evidence of sustained exemplary performance in five key domains (Leadership, Engagement, Process Innovation, Supplier/Partner Focus and Resident Experience & Quality of Care) based on criteria consistent with Residents’ First and Excellence Canada’s Canada Awards for Excellence Quality Framework.

New categories this year

Two new categories:

  • Culture Change Home of the Year – homes must be nominated by residents
  • Best New LTC Product or Service of the Year – exclusively for OLTCA commercial members

How to apply

More details about the criteria, submission requirements, and evaluation process are in the Quality and Innovation Awards guidebook, available here. Submissions are due by May 2, using our new online process - to log on, click here.


I hope you’ll submit your excellent work. If you have any questions, please contact Nancy Cooper, Director of Quality and Education, at or (905) 470-8995 ext. 34.